Saturday, December 01, 2007

Google Account

Why does a new Google account require so much access? I can create new accounts on all these other websites but NOT Google. Their website says that they want more cookie and other access. Why Why Why. I cannot get it to work on my work or home PC. I also tried Firefox on both too.

I started blogging (2 entries) a 1½ years back and got so busy I didn’t get back to it. Google has upgraded their blogspot application and now require me to convert my account to a new Google account. When I try to do this, I’m caught in an endless loop where the id won’t create.
I could host a website myself, but don’t want to get into that. I don’t know many more free blog sites, so I guess I’m stuck. Since I’m writing this post, I overcame the problem. I created my Google account from my local library’s computer.

TAKE-AWAYS: Thanks for letting me vent – it’s therapeutic.

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